Abaqus Portfolio Roles In The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Abaqus in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Anybody that has used the Abaqus suite of products, accessed using Abaqus Extended Tokens, knows the Power of the Portfolio.

Within this SIMULIA packaging, Dassault Systèmes created a complementary suite of products that, when used in conjunction with one another, is well-known as the most powerful in the industry. Here we look at the roles that are required to recreate this capability within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. To learn more about the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and what benefits it can bring to organizations of all sizes, check out this previous post titled “The Future of PLM – Introducing The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform”.

Abaqus Portfolio of Products

To recap the Abaqus Portfolio of products, we have:

,Abaqus Unified FEA: Abaqus is class-leading finite element analysis (FEA) software offering powerful and complete solutions for both routine and highly complex engineering problems. The Abaqus solvers provide advanced capability in static and dynamic, impact, thermal and many other multiphysics analysis regimes.

,fe-safe: The fe-safe suite is a world-leading technology for fatigue analysis, directly interfacing with all major FEA software packages. The extension of FEA to include fatigue is essential in many applications where loading is cyclic in nature and failure is not an option.

,TOSCA: The TOSCA optimization suite offers fast and powerful structural and flow optimization based on FEA and CFD simulations. Combining rapid optimization solutions for both structures and fluid flow systems, TOSCA offers unparalleled capability to streamline the design process.

,Isight: Isight allows for the automation of multiple cross-disciplinary models and their execution via distributed compute resources, rendering manually chained simulation process flows redundant. This negates the need for painstaking manual transition, which slows progress, reduces efficiency and, potentially, introduces costly errors.

QXT Tokens: All of these products work by pulling various numbers of tokens from a central pool. To learn more about extended tokens and the number of tokens required to run each software, check out this post.

3DEXPERIENCE Equivalents

Now, although not packaged in exactly the same way, we can gain access to these very same simulation capabilities within The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform by purchasing these roles and tokens:

,Structural Analysis Engineer (SYE): Essentially, the Structural Analysis Engineer role is an enhanced pre and post processing tool (doing the same job as Abaqus CAE) that allows us to work within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform/landscape. The ability to generate CAD and manipulate geometry is enhanced and access to the durability solver is included within the package. Unlike all of the other FEA roles in The Platform, there is no embedded compute, meaning that we are running jobs based on a separately purchased token base. Dassault understands the costs associated with changing platforms and so the tokens required to run analyses on the 3DEXPERIENCE (SET) can be shared with standalone products (ABAQUS, fe-safe etc.) to allow a much smoother transition between workflows.

,Functional Generative Designer (GDE): The Functional Generative Designer role brings the power of TOSCA into the 3DEXPERIENCE. Optimize designs early on in the design process using this state-of-the-art assisted topology optimization solver. Apply loads, boundary conditions and connections, define specified design constraints and targets to optimize design space effectively and include ‘frozen’ regions of the design space to prevent material from being added/removed. The Functional Generative Designer role also allows us to perform trade-off studies between designs to assess different configurations against KPIs and select best concept.

,Simulation Process Engineer (SPF): The Simulation Process Engineer role is Isight reimagined, allowing you to efficiently drag & drop simulation tasks and author large and complex processes. Capture once, execute many times to increase engineering productivity. Tight coupling with native 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA solvers means straightforward access to robust simulation technology – and the ability to trace and understand the origin and pedigree of data provides increased confidence for robust decision making.

SET Tokens: These solver tokens are equivalent to QXT tokens (for the standalone products) in that they can be pooled and accessed by anyone needing to run simulations and optimization studies.

Abaqus portfolio products in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

One of the most attractive aspects of simulation within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is that we can add extra capabilities in a piecewise or à la carte fashion. There are a number of more specialized simulation roles, such as Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK), Additive Manufacturing Engineer (AMF) and Plastic Injection Engineer (IME) that provide tailored solutions to very specific problems or manufacturing methods. Keep an eye out for more posts on those types of roles right here at the Fidelis Blog.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to acquire the best FEA capabilities that The Platform has to offer in order to augment your existing 3DEXPERIENCE workflows, or you’re an existing Abaqus user looking to leverage all of the other benefits of The Platform, with these roles you’ll be able to hit the ground running. In our experience at Fidelis, if you’re an experienced Abaqus user, the switch to The 3DEXPERIENCE is quite painless, but the benefits it can unleash have the power to literally and figuratively transform the way your teams approach the design and analysis process.

For more information on available 3DEXPERIENCE pricing, offers and training, get in touch with our sales team and start revolutionizing your designs today!

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