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Structural Analysis Engineer Role (SYE).png

Structural Analysis 

Engineer (SYE)

Dassault's ABAQUS and fe-safe solvers running on a token based license scheme; build models and post-process results with the powerful tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and share solver tokens with legacy products.

The Structural Analysis Engineer role allows you to:

  • Utilize structural implicit and explicit analysis for any type of loading event

  • Random response and complex frequency analysis, sub-routine integration and more comprehensive modeling tools all become available

  • Thermal analyses and thermo-mechanical analyses, both transient and steady-state

  • Advanced meshing capability, with automated creation, model management, scenario definition, execution, results visualization, and report generation

  • Fatigue simulation that can predict accurate fatigue lives to ensure complex engineering products are designed for durability

  • Token based license scheme that can be shared with legacy products for seamless transition between standalone and Platform

Structural Analysis Engineer Role (SYE).png

Think the Structural Analysis Engineer role might be right for you?

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