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Simulation Process Engineer Role (SPF).png

Simulation Process Engineer (SPF)

Optimize and automate your simulation; improve productivity and reduce time-consuming manual tasks by building and deploying automated simulation processes for all users in the organization.

The Simulation Process Engineer role allows you to:

  • Efficient Drag & Drop simulation process authoring. Capture once, execute many times to increase engineering productivity

  • Unique integration with native 3DEXPERIENCE geometry and parameters to deliver seamless connection with design data and zero translation

  • Tight coupling with native 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULIA solvers to give straightforward access to robust simulation technology

  • Democratization of simulation methods through custom web interfaces tuned for non-experts throughout an organization

  • The ability to trace and understand the origin and pedigree of data used in simulation studies to increase certification confidence

Simulation Process Engineer Role (SPF).png

Think the Simulation Process Engineer role might be right for you?

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