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Product development costs are heavily weighted toward the concept phase. The automatic generation of optimized design proposals reduces the number of product development cycles and physical prototypes so that performance is increased and costs are significantly reduced.

Optimization in The 3DEXPERIENCE

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offers a range of optimization solutions to help you make the most out of your design and analysis efforts. From topology optimization, that allows rapid development of concepts, to process improvement, emphasis is put on efficiency at the design phase.

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Simulia TOSCA

The TOSCA optimization suite offers fast and powerful structural and flow optimization based on FEA and CFD simulations. Combining rapid optimization solutions for both structures (topology and shape) and fluid flow systems, TOSCA offers unparalleled capability to streamline the design process.


Chained simulation process flows traditionally require painstaking manual transition - slowing progress, reducing efficiency and, potentially, introducing errors. Isight allows for the automation of multiple cross-disciplinary models and their execution via distributed compute resources.

Simulia Isight

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