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ENOVIA provides both PDM and PLM capabilities that are tailored for your organization. From basic design management to full product lifecycle curation, the tools available in ENOVIA have you covered.


Connect everyone in the value network through carefully structured collaboration tools in order to share knowledge, raise productivity, improve quality, and reduce cost. This is all possible by breaking down silos between departments and organizations and eliminating the ugly patchwork of communication tools that are typical in companies of all sizes. A single, inclusive environment allows teams to innovate together and, equally as importantly, bring visibility to tasks and project plans for each and every stakeholder in real-time.

Data-driven project management links product development data to the project seamlessly. In simple terms, the updated status of any and every project member deliverable is immediately reflected in the map through Dassault’s single source of truth framework. Managers have eyes on everything through non-invasive governance, meaning that team members can do what they do best – continue to work hard in their given roles without distraction or interruption.

The Key Benefits of ENOVIA

Foster Collaboration

Bring teams together to engage in social and structured collaboration.

Eliminate Silos

enable cross-funtionale teams to work together throughout the innovation process.

Streamline the Innovation Process

Realize ideas through tasks and projects all within a single enviromnment.

Maintain Visibility

Make better and more informed decisions based on real-time data.

Be Adaptable

Utilize people-centric, flecible planning and execution.

Contribute Flexibly

Connect with teams and data at any time, from anywhere and on any device.


Collaborative Business and Industry Innovator (PCS)

Basic 3DEXPERIENCE collaboration tools to elevate innovation and remove silos.
• Collaborate with all stakeholders in an integrated industrial product development process.
• Streamlined and secure constant access Realtime concurrent collaboration enhances decision making and reach design maturity faster.
• Always work with up-to-date information and related data.
• Intuitively organize and view individual and shared tasks, issues and change actions from creation to completion.

Manager (DPM)

Deliverables-based project management links product or service data to projects, enabling real-time monitoring and assessment to improve project performance.
• Deliverables-based project management linking product or service data to projects, enabling real-time monitoring and assessment.
• Increase resource utilization and reduce conflicts between project and functional managers.
• Drive phase-based decision making using best-in-class process templates.
• Improve decision making by tracking real-time progress on KPIs.

Manager (CHG)

A strategic closed-loop collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted stakeholders
• Strategic close-loop collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted stakeholders.
• Single change methodology accommodating unique organizational needs.
• Improve product development quality by establishing governance standards for the entire enterprise.
• Reduce time and cost associated with iterative and error prone change orchestration.


Project Planner (XPP)

Reduce resource and overall project costs by enabling lean and optimized team planning.

Classification Manager (CCM)

Structure, capture and share all of your enterprise IP for better and faster business and engineering decisions. Product release engineer.

Product Architect (PDA)

Enable designers to navigate and author multi-CAD product structures with 3D visualization.

Configuration Engineer (CFG)

Optimize reuse and assign accurate evolution and variant options effectively.

Product Manager (PDM)

Drive product strategy across the enterprise to provide the right offers at the right time and rapidly expand to address new markets and evolving preferences.

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