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Functional Generative Designer Role (GDE).png

Functional Generative Designer (GDE)

With the help of Topology Optimization, leverage 'get-it-right-first-time' design methodologies. Functional Generative Design allows you to quickly and easily optimize use of design space based on important parameters like stiffness and strength.

The Functional Generative Designer role allows you to:

  • Optimize designs early on in the design process using state-of-the-art assisted topology optimization solver

  • Apply loads, boundary conditions and connections

  • Define specified design constraints and targets to optimize design space effectively

  • Include 'frozen' regions of the design space (such as connection locations) to prevent material from being added/removed

  • Clean up and verify the design using FEA to ensure that the result is appropriate

  • Perform trade-off studies between designs to assess different configurations against KPIs and select best concept

Functional Generative Designer Role (GDE).png

Think the Functional Generative Designer role might be right for you?

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