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The 3DEXPERIENCE is a business experience platform, providing software solutions for every organization in your company. Based on 3D design, analysis, simulation and intelligence software, it powers Industry Solution Experiences via a single, easy-to-use interface.


Dassault Systèmes offers industry-leading applications delivered on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform: Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Simulation, Governance & Lifecycle, 3D Design Experience for Professionals, as well as a broad catalog of services.


The video to the right explains how SIMULIA simulation technology through roles and apps on the the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can help revolutionize the way you develop products. With Fidelis by your side every step of the way, let's 'change the world... together'.


Fidelis Engineering Associates

We know that purchasing and implementing new software can be a challenge, so we make every effort to offer a comfortable and seamless experience for all of our customers. This includes:

  • Installation support at no additional charge

  • One month of onboarding support at your team's discretion

  • Ongoing software support from our team of certified technical support experts

  • Eight free hours of advanced services support to get you up and running with any methodology development in the first year (services support will be charged hourly once free hours expire)

Collaborate with the 3DEXPERIENCE


The 3DEXPERIENCE allows for fully integrated product life-cycle management.

  • Share ideas in a secure environment

  • Manage teams and activities

  • Real-time sharing and updating of design data

Generative Design in the 3DEXPERIENCE


Optimization and functional generative design mean better products, faster.

  • Optimize product weight and stiffness

  • Reduce time and cost by evaluating concepts faster

  • Leverage editable resulting geometry 

Model with SIMULIA in the 3DEXPERIENCE


Best-in-class modeling capability means less time clicking and more time innovating.

  • Interactive 3D modeling

  • Manipulate shapes with unrivaled freedom

  • Industry-leading surface refinement

Work with the 3DEXPEIENCE Cloud


On-site install or cloud computing? The 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud allows business to break free from IT constraints.

  • Easy to deploy and ready to use without IT investment

  • A complete package offering (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

  • Includes all apps

Simulate with SIMULIA in the 3DEXPERIENCE


With the power of the SIMULIA portfolio solvers behind it, the simulation capability of the 3DEXPERIENCE is unparalleled.

  • Thermal, mechanical and multi-physics capabilities

  • Non-linear materials and interactions

  • Implicit and explicit solvers

Fidelis and the 3DEXPERIENCE


Fidelis engineers are expert users of Simulia within the 3DEXPERIENCE. This makes us the perfect simulation partner to help and guide you on your journey to digital transformation.

The 3DEXPERIENCE is a role-based platform, meaning that every user with a login can have a unique list of applications depending on their job responsibilities. There are almost 600 roles to dial in exactly the capabilities that each team member needs, but since we are in the business of supplying solutions for simulation driven design, we've hand picked some of the roles that we think are most relevant to our customer's needs. However, information on any of the roles not included below can be provided on request.

Structural Designer Role (SRD).png

Structural Designer (SRD)

Structural Performance Engineer Role (SFO).png

Structural Performance Engineer (SFO)

Structural Analysis Engineer Role (SYE).png

Structural Analysis Engineer (SYE)

Structural Engineer Role (SLL).png

Structural Engineer


Structural Mechanics Engineer Role (SSU).png

Structural Mechanics Engineer (SSU)

Additive Manufacturing Engineer Role (AMF).png

Additive Manufacturing  Engineer (AMF)

Functional Generative Designer Role (GDE).png

Functional Generative Designer (GDE)

Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role (FMK).png

Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK)

Simulation Process Engineer Role (SPF).png

Simulation Process Engineer (SPF)

Plastic Injection Engineer Role (IME).png

Plastic Injection Engineer (IME)

Think the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform might be right for your business?

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