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Modeling & Simulation (MODSIM) Software

Fidelis is a proud partner of Dassault Systèmes’ and a reseller of their MODSIM engineering software products, developed to elevate your design and analysis activities. As expert users of all the products we offer, Fidelis provides an unrivaled customer experience, from tailoring the perfect software package, to implementation and onboarding, and ongoing end-user support.

MODSIM Software Solutions

Dassault Systemes revolutionary MODSIM software drastically accelerates the product development lifecycle by facilitating a concurrent approach to product development. By unifying Modeling and Simulation on a common data model, MODSIM enables real-time collaboration across departments, automated modeling and simulation workflows, and a streamlined development cycle.

Our Software Solutions

Whether you’re looking for design, simulation, or product lifecycle management,
Fidelis offers customized software solutions tailored to fit your exact needs.

Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)

Why Trust Fidelis?

We know there are other resellers of the very same software, so what sets Fidelis apart?


Our team diligently strives to comprehend your business objectives, ensuring that we deliver precisely the capabilities required for your success.


Our technical team, composed entirely of Dassault-certified engineers, provides unparalleled customer support. We take pride in our commitment to your success.


We exclusively offer software products that we utilize on a daily basis, ensuring our intimate familiarity with their functionality and benefits.


We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry, and couple that with advanced support, implementation, and training services that our competitors charge for.

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