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Emag in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Electromagnetic simulation in the 3DEXPERIENCE enables engineers to investigate the electromagnetic behavior of components and systems at both low and high-frequency ranges, which is essential for proper product design and helps reduce costly prototyping phases.

Overview of Emag in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Electromagnetic components are in almost everything we use today. Long established industries are being disrupted by new devices, and entirely new markets are opening up in fields such as medical, renewables and metatmaterials. Emag simulations allow for visionary designs and rapid development cycles.

Simulation allows engineers to experiment with virtual prototypes even at the earliest stages of the design process, to compare the performance of different configurations, and to optimize their products. Emag in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform brings high- and low-frequency electromagnetic simulation to the cloud. This 3DEXPERIENCE-integrated packaging of CST Studio Suite connects the entire value chain, from design to manufacturing to management, to powerful electromagnetic simulation, cutting down on the costs of R&D by shortening the iteration cycle, identifying and addressing design flaws early in development, and bringing parts to market faster. This is all achieved via fast, accurate, accessible electromagnetic simulation for engineers, designers, and researchers working in many fields, including microwaves, RF & optical, EDA & electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), particle dynamics, statics, and low frequencies.

The Key Benefits of Emag in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Single Source of Truth CAD Data

With a single source of truth data system, there is never a concern about analyzing incorrect or outdated designs.

Support for Antenna and Microwave Device Design

Electromagnetic devices are all around us. EMag in the 3DEXPERIENCE ensures proper design from the very start.

High and Low Frequency Solvers

The industry-leading High and Low Frequency Solvers that you already know and love

Multiphysics With The Touch Of A Button

Since all physics simulation can be contained within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, structural, thermal, electrical and fluids simulations can be paired with ease.

Industry-Leading Support

We’re Abaqus experts and, as such, provide the best support in the industry. No problem is too large or too small for us to tackle collaboratively

Emag in the 3DEXPERIENCE Products

Electromagnetics Engineer (EMC)

Provide high-performance 3D electromagnetic simulation for designing, analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic components and systems.
• Provides access to CST Studio Suite’s leading technology for high and low frequency electromagnetic simulation.
• Support for engineers designing antenna and microwave based devices.
• Prevent and minimize EMC/EMI issues.
• Deploy directly from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for seamless integration Includes 16-core cloud compute.

Electromechanical Analysis Engineer (EML)

Advanced electromagnetic simulation for analysis of low frequency electromagnetic components and systems.
• Meet requirements and cost targets in a sustainable way.
• Optimize electric machines and many other systems through low frequency electromagnetic simulation.
• Maximize energy, power and efficiency while minimizing flux leakages, thermal losses and dynamic forces.
• Multiphysics links to other tools in the electric drive engineering process.

Emag in the 3DEXPERIENCE Add Ons

Antenna Placement Electromagnetics Engineer (APL)

Validate the most effective antenna location early on in the design process. Reduce physical prototyping by assessing trade-offs for antenna placement based on KPIs and requirements.

CAD Connectors

Design 3D printable parts and analyze thermo-mechanical behavior during printing. Realistic simulation of the additive manufacturing process enables companies to optimize part designs and process parameters for next generation products.

Cloud compute tokens (SRU)

Cloud compute tokens mean no more costly hardware! Traditional token model using Dassault’s cloud for solving.

Cloud compute credits (SUN)

Cloud compute credits are expendable and allow analysis to be performed on any number of cores up to 144. This means no more right sizing local installs or waiting days and days for large jobs to solve.

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