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Fluid Roles in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allow engineers of all levels of skill and experience to explore the fluid flow and thermal performance of design alternatives to accelerate product innovation. 

Overview of CFD in the 3DEXPERIENCE

A focus on turbulence models, boundary layer representation and conjugate heat transfer means improved accuracy for engineers predicting flow distribution, thermal management and aerodynamics amongst other prominent challenges. This access to simulation-driven product development leads to better quality designs while avoiding costly manufacturing issues.

The Key Benefits of CFD in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Single Source of Truth CAD Data

With a single source of truth data system, there is never a concern about analyzing incorrect or outdated designs.

Advanced Realtime Meshing

State-of-the-art meshing capabilities that update in realtime. No more mesh-unmesh-edit-remesh.

High-End RANS Solver

The industry-leading RANS Solvers that you already know and love.

Multiphysics With The Touch Of A Button

Since all physics simulation can be contained within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, structural, thermal, electrical and fluids simulations can be paired with ease

Industry-Leading Support

We’re simulation experts and, as such, provide the best support in the industry. No problem is too large or too small for us to tackle collaboratively

CFD in the 3DEXPERIENCE Products

Fluid Dynamics Engineer - (FMK)

Perform fluid flow and heat transfer simulations, leading to better quality designs while avoiding costly physical testing.
• Efficiently explore fluid flow and thermal performance design alternatives to accelerate product innovation with a thoroughly validated RANS solver.
Leverage full integration with CAD and PLM for concurrent, simulation-driven product development.
Easily predict steady-state and long-transient flow and thermal behavior of products with the designer-centric guided interface.
Collaborate with project stakeholders around fluid flow simulation results for informed decisions.
Include local compute using up to 8 cores -- with additional compute capacity also available.


Plastic injection engineer (IME)

Validate and optimize plastic part and mold tooling designs by simulating the filling, packing, warpage & mold cooling early in the product development process - then use the data to accurately simulate part performance with FEA.

Flow Driven Generative Design (GDF)

With the help of Fluid Flow Optimization, leverage 'get-it-right-first-time' design methodologies. Generative Design promotes improvement of fluid flow efficiency, minimizing pressure drops and preserving mass flow rate.

CAD Connectors

Work with your native CAD in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, minimizing rework for simulation studies. Available for SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5, Inventor, Creo and more.

Cloud compute tokens (SRU)

Cloud compute tokens mean no more costly hardware! Traditional token model using Dassault’s cloud for solving.

Cloud compute credits (SUN)

Cloud compute credits are expendable and allow analysis to be performed on any number of cores up to 144. This means no more right sizing local installs or waiting days and days for large jobs to solve.

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