How Much Does Simulation In The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Cost? And What Is Included?

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be accessed via a user login role (PCS) for a nominal fee (less than $1,000). From that login, the user can then gain access hundreds of various business roles, depending on their position within the organization.

Rather than acquiring the typical disparate software packages for PLM, CAD, Simulation etc., The 3DEXPERIENCE provides a platform from which all of these business functions can be accessed and leveraged in a fully collaborative space. The real benefit of this model is the ‘single source of truth’, which means that all of the project stakeholders are working from the very same files that update in real time whenever they are modified. We’ve already discussed this in detail in our post titled “The Future of PLM – Introducing The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform”, but simply put, this represents a paradigm shift in the way we manage data.

Here, we’re going to be focusing on simulation software. ‘Apps’ within the Platform can be purchased piecewise from an a la carte menu of role-based products, meaning that each user has exactly the software capabilities that they need to satisfy their job responsibilities. If your simulation goals are as a designer who simply needs to validate part design for strength, then the Structural Designer (SRD) role would be appropriate, whereas a professional simulation analyst who regularly needs to undertake high-end, multiphysics simulations, would need access to Structural Analysis Engineer (SYE) role.

How do I Buy The 3DEXPERIENCE with Fidelis? What is the Process Like?

The process when working with us to gain access to the 3DEXPERIENCE, whether on premise or on-cloud, is quite simple – we pride ourselves on our customer experience. We’ll begin with a discovery discussion, with the aim of learning a bit more about your company, the challenges that you are facing with your current design, analysis and PLM capability, and lastly, what you are looking for in a new solution. We’ll then take time to customize a recommendation, based on your feedback and our detailed knowledge of the various roles and apps available within the Platform.

Where appropriate, we’ll provide a demonstration of the software capabilities that you’re interested in, either on an existing model where you’ve run into a technology roadblock, or on something similar to your products.

Finally, we’ll use the information you’ve given us to dial in the capability that is right for you, including offering a mixture of different pricing models that best fit your needs – after all, not all businesses operate the same when it comes to purchasing software.

Dassault offers three different licensing options when it comes to acquiring software. You can purchase The 3DEXPERIENCE (you own it forever and just pay a maintenance fee to maintain support and ensure you’re running the most up-to-date version), you can lease The 3DEXPERIENCE (you pay a renewal fee every year and are given an up to date version, should you ever decide to stop, you can do so at any time), or you can do a quarterly lease of The 3DEXPERIENCE (a three-month lease that you can renew upon its completion; often used for one-off projects).

Fidelis utilizes the latest pricing promotions to give our customers the best financial opportunity to get into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Our industry-leading support is also included with every software purchase, as well as two complimentary one-hour demo periods with one of our expert 3DEXPERIENCE users (one initially to help you setup the software and then one at a time of your choosing to ask us more specific questions).

What is Included in The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform?

Finite element analysis (FEA) roles within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform are tiered. Existing SOLIDWORKS Simulation customers will be familiar with this similar kind of structure with standard, professional, and premium building on capabilities in a similar way. For more information on the many different FEA and simulation roles available within The 3DEXPERIENCE, check out this blog post.

I want The 3DEXPERIENCE. How much does The 3DEXPERIENCE cost!?

There are many promotions that Dassault Systèmes can offer – if you are a startup, you have not previously used The 3DEXPERIENCE, you are thinking about switching from competitive software, or sometimes if you are just looking to buy at the right time. Available promotions can run up to 90+% off The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, so this is not locked in pricing! If you want accurate pricing, including any available discounts, please contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss your individual needs in detail.

Below is some 3DEXPERIENCE pricing to provide a baseline or starting point for simulation roles within the platform:

  • An yearly lease of The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and the most basic simulation package (SRD) starts ~ $6,000
  • To obtain Abaqus-level FEA capability with embedded compute (SSU) (no need for tokens) prices begin at ~ $18,000
  • To ‘recreate’ Abaqus within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (SYE and SET) (GUI and run tokens are separate) pricing starts at ~$15,000 for the pre/post GUI and ~$2,500 per SET token. This option is best reserved for experienced FEA analysts and/or customers looking to run very large analyses

*All based on yearly lease pricing.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this has been a helpful blog in explaining the benefits of the platform and how it can revolutionize the way that your business operates. Getting every team in the same environment and communicating and updating projects is the future, and the 3DEXPERIENCE is leading the way!

At Fidelis, we look to develop long-lasting, reciprocal relationships with our customers, and that starts with offering the highest level of knowledge and support of the products we sell and honest, affordable pricing. Hopefully, this post has given you some useful insight and information when it comes to making the right choice for your organizations simulation software needs!

To learn more about The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and all of the other products and services we offer, ,,get in touch!

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