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CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite

Electromagnetic components are in almost everything we use today. Long established industries are being disrupted by new devices, and entirely new markets are opening up in fields such as  medical, renewables and metatmaterials. Emag simulation allows for visionary designs and rapid development cycles.


Electromagnetic (EM) components are crucial to the success of an ever-increasing range of products. Keeping up with these advances requires both outside-the-box designs and rapid, flexible development cycles.

Simulation allows engineers to experiment with virtual prototypes even at the earliest stages of the design process, to compare the performance of different configurations, and to optimize their products.


Fidelis Engineering Associates

We know that purchasing and implementing new software can be a challenge, so we make every effort to offer a comfortable and seamless experience for all of our customers. This includes:

  • Installation support at no additional charge

  • One month of onboarding support at your team's discretion

  • Ongoing software support from our team of certified technical support experts

  • Eight free hours of advanced services support to get you up and running with any methodology development in the first year (services support will be charged hourly once free hours expire)

CST Design Environment

CST Design Environment

Fully parametric CAD interface for constructing and editing simulation models.

  • Ribbon-based interface

  • Two way link with Solidworks for efficient workflows

  • Geometry creation and editing

CST Assembly Modeling

EM System Modeling

CST Studio Suite provides an environment that simplifies the management of simulation projects.

  • Analyze and optimize an entire device

  • Use relevant physical quantities such as currents, fields or S-parameter

  • Hybrid and multiphysics simulations

Emag for Human Body

Human Body Models

The interaction of EM fields in the human body is a crucial design consideration for many devices.

  • Inform product performance and safety

  • Voxel and CAD-based models

  • Detailed internal structure and realistic EM properties

Emag Optimization

Automatic Optimization

CST offers automatic optimization routines for EM systems and devices.

  • Parameterize geometry and properties

  • Multiple optimization algorithms

  • HPC for faster simulations and optimization

CST Solvers

Best-in-Class Solvers

CST Studio Suite offers up a range of solvers, from general purpose to highly specialized.

  • Finite Element (FEM), Finite Integration Technique (FIT) and Transmission Line Matrix (TLM)

  • Static and low-frequency

  • Charged particle dynamics and high frequency

Fidelis and SIMULIA for CST


Fidelis is committed to customer enablement. Whether that means first-level support or custom tailored training, we'll be there to help you get the most out of your software every step of the way.

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