Simulation in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform – A Webinar on FEA for Manufacturing

FEA of a robot end of arm tool in the 3DEXPERIENCE

Last week we partnered up with Joe Hugan at Forward Vision to produce a webinar on the benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and, more specifically, the FEA simulation capability within it. In case you missed that live event, we’ve repackaged it below and invite you to check it out.

It runs around 50 minutes and covers some introductions to Fidelis and the 3DEXPERIENCE as a whole, then dives into FEA simulation and a few demonstrations. Because this was targeted primarily at a manufacturing audience that specialize in robotics, we analysed a robot end of arm tool (@19:30) for stress, deflection and fatigue and then introduced the concept of Functional Generative Design for front-end design inspiration (@32:50). Finally, Joe introduces the concept and benefits of 3DLEAN (@39:30) within the Platform, which is a collaborative workspace that provides a richer engineering environment than typical web meetings and calls.

OK, with all that said, please sit back, relax and enjoy! And don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’d like to see more simulation related content!

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