Sai Kosaraju Joins The Fidelis Team As Project Engineer

Fidelis is more than delighted to announce that Sai Kosaraju has joined the team in the role of Project Engineer.

Sai is an Abaqus guru that will bring essential expertise to the growing team. Having spent a decade in academia, she is ready to excel in the fast paced world of consulting. Given that she is trading the glorious weather of California for freezing cold Michigan, there’s no doubt that she’s committed to the Fidelis cause and will prove a valuable new member of the team!

From her bio:

Sai is a Project Engineer at Fidelis. She works closely with clients on CAE/FEA projects within various different industries including aerospace, medical, nuclear, manufacturing and automotive.

She has expertise in solving boundary value problems in theory of elasticity, continuum plasticity, applied solid mechanics and homogenization of periodic lattice topologies. She is also proficient in formulating and programming finite element analysis (FEA) for beams, solids, plates, and shells including geometric, material nonlinearities and failure.

She is a PhD graduate from Clemson University with a specialization in Computational Mechanics and FEA. She also earned her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University. She presented her work in top journals for Computational mechanics like JMPS and ASME-MSEC during her academic journey. In her free time, Sai enjoys cooking, painting, and spending time with family and friends.

Welcome to the team Sai!

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