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Industrial equipment is vital to many infrastructures across the world, helping to move forward the industries associated with construction, mining, energy, automotive, and more. Technological advancements in this space have allowed for increased speed, quality, and quantity in the manufacturing of this equipment. However, many mid-market manufacturers may find the adoption of new technology for processes and systems quite daunting and cost prohibitive.

Fortunately, Dassault Systemes has created an Industry Solution Experience on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform specifically designed for small to medium industrial equipment companies. Digital Equipment Continuity assists with transforming business processes to align engineering, manufacturing, and service information more efficiently, connecting business disciplines that have historically been extremely siloed. This digital continuity promotes collaboration and accelerates operational speed, ultimately providing a competitive edge and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Solutions for Key Business Challenges

Mid-market industrial equipment companies experience unique business challenges, with specific needs while implementing process changes to overcome these challenges.


  • Siloed Business Units
  • Slows innovation and idea sharing
  • Difficult to centrally manage extended organizational departments
  • Increasing Customer Demands
  • Require innovative, highly customized experiences
  • Expect quick development cycles
  • Slow and Risky Decision Making
  • Project management processes historically treat design and manufacturing content as files rather than digital data

Solution Requirements

  • Seamless Solution Deployment
  • Time-To-Market Improvement
  • Reduction in Cost
  • Improved Product Quality/Flexibility
  • Improved Collaboration

Digital Equipment Continuity addresses these key challenges and requirements, leveling the playing field for mid-market companies. It promotes an increased freedom to collaborate, design, and produce at an accelerated rate at any location. This solution helps perpetuate exciting opportunities, new processes, and systems to advance how manufacturers make products and deliver services

Industrial Equipment Digital Equipment Continuity - Industry Process Experience

Using a combination of 3DEXPERIENCE roles, Digital Equipment Continuity offers tools and applications specifically designed to benefit key organizational units.

Innovation Management

  • Quicker response to external or internal opportunities
  • Promote continuous improvement
  • Idea capitalization, maturation, and prototyping with advanced capabilities

Portfolio Management

  • Increase product offering while optimizing developmental costs
  • Remove the gaps between Engineering and Marketing requirements
  • Maximize intellectual property reuse
  • Improve customer satisfaction by validating Product Strategy against Customer Requirements

Program and Project Management

  • New product development on time and on target
  • Seamlessly integrate deliverables throughout the lifecycle=
  • Better collaboration and resource sharing

Mechanical Engineering, Design Review and Standard Management

  • True collaborative concurrent engineering
  • Fast and robust product development
  • Performance driven design
  • Eliminate design errors reaching production

Collaborative Engineering to Manufacturing

  • Manage engineering definition of a product from start to final validation
  • Dedicated tools for digital continuity from engineering to manufacturing
  • Full change and configuration traceability across functions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning integration

Service Process Engineering

  • Decrease time to market
  • Reduce change management time
  • Increase Mean Time Between Failure by merging service tasks
  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair by optimizing service process

Reporting and Documentation

  • Data consistency based on business rules
  • Automatically generate high quality documents
  • Ensure documents follow corporate identity guidelines
  • Flexible document formats

Industrial Equipment Digital Equipment Continuity - Industry Process Experience

Final Thoughts

Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE offers solutions with a data-driven philosophy, allowing true collaboration between a broader range of a company’s business units. Digital Equipment Continuity helps to break down the silos between stakeholders at mid-market industrial equipment manufacturers, connecting the organization on one platform, thus creating a “single source of truth”. By providing one unique solution to engineer, produce, and service fast anywhere, Digital Equipment Continuity can assist with the change management required to excel in the industrial equipment industry.

To learn more about Digital Equipment Continuity or other Dassault Systemes Industry Solution Experiences, reach out to us at Fidelis today!

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