CAE For A Virtual Product Development Process – Fidelis LIFT Off Webinar

Recently, we partnered with LIFT to produce a webinar on our thoughts regarding the constant push towards truly virtual product development. In case you missed that live event, we’ve repackaged it below and invite you to check it out.

It runs around 50 minutes and covers some introductions to LIFT (@0:00) and Fidelis (@8:21). Then it dives into a case study (@17:17), where we were challenged with improving CAE confidence level to the point that it could be trusted in a virtual product development setting. Finally, we touch on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (@38:25) and how that might allow some of these ideas to be brought to life.

With all that said, please sit back, relax and enjoy! And don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’d like to see more simulation related content!

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