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Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers are an integral part of the automotive manufacturing ecosystem, as evidenced by the fact that upwards of 75% of a vehicle’s parts come from these suppliers in a market worth nearly 3 trillion US dollars.

In recent years, auto suppliers have experienced significant challenges. The automotive industry was already making considerable movement toward electrification, autonomous vehicles, and shared mobility, forcing suppliers to pivot structurally. As they were adapting to compete in this new reality, the COVID pandemic created new obstacles in the form of down time and worker shortages, a quick shift to digital sales prominence, and a global semiconductor shortage.

The result? Auto supplier revenue was negatively impacted, with at least a 25% decline across the board through 2021. To remain competitive during this financial squeeze, suppliers are making strategic changes aimed at optimizing cost structures by transforming business models and taking advantage of rapidly increasing technological advancements to aid in more cost-effective processes.

In this blog, we take a look at Bid to Win, an industry solution experience created by Dassault Systemes that is helping automotive suppliers navigate change management in their efforts to return profits in this increasingly difficult and complex climate.

Bid to Win enables automotive suppliers to win more opportunities, design products on value to influence the market, and deliver on targets as specified. These goals are achieved using 3DEXPERIENCE platform role applications to promote acceleration and optimization during new product introduction processes at a supplier, from Bid to Final Delivery.

Solutions for Key Business Challenges

Main business challenges automotive suppliers are currently faced with include:

  • Optimize, Enhance Existing Legacy
  • Develop New Technologies, Transform Business Model
  • Globalize Business & Operations

Bid to Win assists companies with transformations to address these challenges, focusing on three areas:

  1. Extended Collaborative Processes
  2. Improved Engineering Capabilities
  3. Integrate Lean & Flexible Manufacturing

Automotive Engineering Bid To Win - Industry Solution Experiences

Let’s review the tools associated with each of these business changes, what they include and the benefits they provide.

Automotive Engineering Bid To Win - Industry Solution Experiences

Suppliers Management & Sourcing

  1. Overview of company’s spend analysis
  2. Analytics of company’s total spend
  3. Potential savings for similar parts
  4. Online access to qualified industrial actors worldwide

Business Driven Portfolio & Product Planning

  • Manage unified common configuration language
  • Manage standard product configurations and variants that meet customer needs
  • Allow flexible rule definition that ensures decoupling between marketing and technical variety

Collaborative Planning Execution & Analytics

  • Connect project deliverables with Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) processes
  • Coordinate scope, schedule and resources
  • Govern the project “invisibly”
  • Reveal risks

Enterprise Change & Release Process

  • Work together under one change process, with easily multipliable change practices
  • Obtain impact analysis for proposed changes and view change traceability
  • Clearly communicate change decisions and assignments to all impacted organizations

Extended Enterprise

  • Collaborate with OEMs
  • Utilize flexible strategies on separate or same platforms and limited or full IP sharing

Collaborative Engineering Definition

  • Manage Bill of Materials with product items from multi-discipline engineering
  • Define product configuration
Automotive Engineering Bid To Win - Industry Solution Experiences

Continuous Product Development

  • Management of multiple teams/disciplines on same product definition
  • Management of dependencies between different design teams
  • Tradeoff to define the stability/accuracy/update of the product definition

Mechanical Engineering

  • Intuitive user interface to improve designers’ productivity
  • Predict manufacturability of parts (cast, forged, machined, plastic, sheet metal)
  • Integrate performance and analysis into the design process

Design Failure Avoidance

  • Single Source of Truth through product lifecycle, including safety analysis
  • Identify all possible failures through FMEA and Fault Trees
  • Compute Occurrence probability
  • Propose model improvements
  • Generate safety reports
Automotive Engineering Bid To Win - Industry Solution Experiences

Collaborative Engineering To Manufacturing

  • Create a Manufacturing view from an Engineering Product structure
  • View multiple Manufacturing Bills of Materials from same Engineering Product structure
  • Reduce volume of iterations between designers and engineers

Automotive Engineering Bid To Win - Industry Solution Experiences

Exhibit A: From Business Drivers to Enablers

Automotive Engineering Bid To Win - Industry Solution Experiences

Exhibit B: Example Data Map

Final Thoughts

Bid to Win on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is providing automotive suppliers with a competitive advantage through industry proven tools and a roadmap for successful change management.

To learn more about Bid to Win or other Dassault Systemes Industry Solution Experiences, reach out to us at Fidelis today!

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