High quality FEA simulation is the most efficient way to test and optimize products before a single dollar is spent on material - and that's what we do best. Whether you need help with generating high quality FEA models or you're looking for fully integrated project solutions, we've got you covered.

Fidelis' FEA consultants offer a range of services, from the generation of high quality finite element models to fully customized simulation solutions.

Whether you're looking for an on demand extension of your current CAE capability or the development of a fully bespoke methodology to tackle difficult engineering challenges within your organization, we have the solutions to meet your needs in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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Jet engine finite elment analysis

Structural Analysis

From model generation to fully integrated project solutions; stiffness, stress and frequency analysis

Fatigue and Fracture Analysis

Understanding loading capacity and lifespan is essential to proper design. Fidelis engineers are experts in fatigue and fracture.

Methodology Development

We can characterize and correlate material models, develop novel simulation processes and deliver intuitive, ready-to-use packages



Temperature affects everything we build. Thermal and thermo-mechanical analysis can help you understand how.

Explicit Dynamic Analysis

When inertia is involved in the problem, dynamic type analysis becomes necessary. We're highly skilled in this challenging domain.

Design Optimization

Let us help you optimize your products using state-of-the-art simulation based tools and methodologies 


The Fidelis FEA consulting team is well versed in a large number of advanced FEA simulation technologies and has been immersed in a wide range of different projects throughout the industrial landscape. Below is a summary of our areas of experience and expertise. 

FEA for the Automotive industry


FEA for the Defense industry


FEA for the Aerospace industry


FEA for Medical applications


FEA for the Industrial Equipment industry

Industrial Equipment

FEA for the Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

FEA for the Energy sector


FEA for the High-Tech industry



Our consultants will make sure you get exactly the outcomes you need when you collaborate with Fidelis.
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