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FEA Optimization

Optimization with FEA

While traditional design methodologies still have their place in modern engineering, the advent of highly efficient, FEA based design optimization technology often offers a more timely and cost-efficient option. 

Whether legacy parts or new, optimization offers the opportunity to truly revolutionize design. The latest in FEA-based technology allows given parameters, topology and shape to be optimized within a set of predefined manufacturing constraints. Using either direct or indirect methods, optimization results in design improvements that can be achieved within a once unprecedented time-frame.

Fidelis can perform end-to-end optimization and even offer the benefit of generative design to produce finished CAD for manufacturing.

Fatigue optimized structural component
Finite element optimized structural component

When you collaborate with the Fidelis team, you get what YOU need. We take great care in understanding the engineering challenges that you're facing and are passionate about seeking the most innovative solutions. With decades of experience creating, running and post-processing finite element models, we're confident that we can become your trusted simulation partner.

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