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When patient welfare is involved, nothing can be left to chance. The application of simulation throughout the development process can help ensure the most innovative treatment for patients while adhering to strict safety requirements.

Engineering innovation in the medical field can mean the difference between life and death for thousands of people. However, the continual tightening of FDA regulations means progress is always associated with strict compliance requirements. This is for good reason too – in the medical field, failure is not an option.

The simulation of medical devices can often be complex. The common use of exotic materials and even shape memory materials, in the case of stents, requires careful planning and expert analysis. Fidelis can help.

When you collaborate with the Fidelis team, you get what YOU need. We take great care in understanding the engineering challenges that you’re facing and are passionate about seeking the most innovative solutions. With decades of experience creating, running and post-processing advanced simulations, we’re confident that we can become your trusted simulation partner.

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