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CAE for Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

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Today's economy requires that industrial equipment be bigger and more powerful, yet safer and more energy efficient. With machinery operating at ever increasing cycle rates, design can benefit greatly from carefully implemented FEA solutions.

Industrial equipment is generally performing repetitive tasks involving very high loads. The drive toward bigger, greener and safer equipment requires more innovative design and the use of more exotic materials to improve all aspects of machine performance.


Finite element analysis (FEA) lends itself perfectly to the assessment of high, repetitive load studies and, with the help of Fidelis, can be paired with optimization to rapidly improve design.

FEA of a excavator bucket
FEA of a truck body

When you collaborate with the Fidelis team, you get what YOU need. We take great care in understanding the engineering challenges that you're facing and are passionate about seeking the most innovative solutions. With decades of experience creating, running and post-processing advanced simulations, we're confident that we can become your trusted simulation partner.

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