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Fluid Flow Analysis

When we think CFD, we think about fluid flow. It is important in so many applications across almost all industries. It could be the air flow over a football stadium or the flow of liquid in a pipe, we have the tools to help you predict and optimize.

There’s more than one way to predict fluid flow – and knowing the right one for your application is imperative to getting optimal results in a cost effective way.

The CFD experts at Fidelis are well versed in a number of different CFD technologies and softwares, including Lattice Boltzmann and Navier-Stokes based methods, all of which can be found under the SIMULIA brand of products. If you’re looking to understand how gasses or liquids interact with your products, get in touch with Fidelis.

When you collaborate with the Fidelis team, you get what YOU need. We take great care in understanding the engineering challenges that you’re facing and are passionate about seeking the most innovative solutions. With decades of experience creating, running and post-processing CFD models, we’re confident that we can become your trusted simulation partner.

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