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Aeroacoustics with CFD


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Aeroacoustics is the study of the sound that is heard as a result of turbulence that can be generated in any number of ways. The world is becoming more noise conscious, meaning that engineers are constantly fighting to design quieter machines.

Electric vehicles are changing the way we travel, and not always in positive ways. While traditional combustion engines mask the annoying sounds of HVAC fans, electric motors do not. This is just one example of where aeroacoustics is becoming much more important to engineers. Another is the noise regulations that impact aircraft, meaning engines and other flight hardware must operate more quietly than ever before.

Fidelis has unrivalled expertise in the field of aeroacoustic simulation via CFD, and we'd love to help with your next project!

Aeroacoustics with CFD
Aeroacoustics with CFD

When you collaborate with the Fidelis team, you get what YOU need. We take great care in understanding the engineering challenges that you're facing and are passionate about seeking the most innovative solutions. With decades of experience creating, running and post-processing CFD models, we're confident that we can become your trusted simulation partner.

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