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Plastic Injection Engineer Role (IME).png

Plastic Injection Engineer (IME)

Validate and optimize plastic part and mold tooling designs by simulating the filling, packing, warpage & mold cooling early in the product development process - then use the data to accurately simulate part performance with FEA

The Plastic Injection Engineer role allows you to:

  • Virtually test the performance of plastic part and mold tooling designs with an intuitive, guided simulation assistant that minimizes the learning curve

  • Cover the needs for all industries, all key workflows, and all user personas with a single role

  • Predict common molding defects including: weld-lines, sink marks, air traps, and incomplete filling (short shots)

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mold cooling system designs

  • Apply advanced structural capabilities available in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, such as  non-linear multi-scale material modeling, directly on a common model

  • Leverage process automation, design of experiments, and advanced optimization tools available in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Plastic Injection Engineer Role (IME).png

Think the Plastic Injection Engineer role might be right for you?

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