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Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role (FMK).png

Fluid Dynamics Engineer (FMK)

Explore the fluid flow and thermal performance of design alternatives to accelerate product innovation. Simulation-driven product development leading to better quality designs while avoiding manufacturing issues.

The Fluid Dynamics Engineer role allows you to:

  • Efficiently explore fluid flow and thermal performance design alternatives to accelerate product innovation

  • Leverage full integration with CAD and PLM for concurrent, simulation-driven product development

  • Easily predict steady-state and long-transient flow and thermal behavior of products with the designer-centric guided interface

  • Collaborate with project stakeholders around fluid flow simulation results for informed decisions

  • Include local compute using up to 8 cores -- with additional compute capacity also available

Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role (FMK).png

Think the Fluid Dynamics Engineer role might be right for you?

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