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Structural Performance Engineer Role (SFO).png

Structural Performance Engineer (SFO)

Introduce nonlinear behavior to your analysis with the Structural Performance Engineer role; Assess the structural performance of products in multistep static and dynamic environments for informed engineering decisions.

The Structural Performance Engineer role allows you to:

  • Provide product engineers with powerful and intuitive tools needed to perform sophisticated, nonlinear structural and thermal simulations during the design process

  • Experience efficient “what if” scenarios through seamless associativity/integration with geometry

  • Work with multistep and multiphysics scenarios for product performance and quality testing during the product design process

  • Accelerate structural performance simulation with unique automated model creation for large assemblies

  • Enable high performance results visualization, particularly for very large models

  • Local compute means you can run analyses locally on up to 4 cores without the need to purchase additional tokens

Structural Performance Engineer Role (SFO).png

Think the Structural Performance Engineer role might be right for you?

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