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Structural Designer Role (SRD).png

Structural Designer (SRD)

The most basic FEA based role in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform; Accelerate product design with efficient evaluation of stress, strain, natural frequency and temperature in a guided environment. 

The Structural Designer role allows you to:

  • Intuitively assess the performance of products under linear static conditions and guide the overall design process

  • Quickly evaluate the strength, stiffness and thermal performance of components for informed 'what-if' design scenarios

  • Use a unique guided workflow process that enables any designer to rapidly determine product performance

  • Easily and efficiently test product designs with automated modeling and ability to control accuracy vs compute time

  • Local compute means you can run analyses locally on up to 4 cores without the need to purchase additional tokens

Structural Designer Role (SRD).PNG

Think the Structural Designer role might be right for you?

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